Watched a fascinating programme recently about the splendid new £189 million library in Birmingham, designed by the Dutch architect Francine Houben. This vivacious new structure was being celebrated as the focal point of the city that it is intended to become. Here, explained presenter Tom Dyckhoff, the people would gather, surrounded by erudition and possibility. I was inspired, while glumly contemplating that, since moving to Brighton some ten years ago, it had never even crossed my mind to explore – let alone join – my local library. I set forth the very next morning to sign up – and it was free! For no pounds whatsoever I could take out up to 40 books at a time. Free books! For nothing! I’ve still not quite got over my excitement at this prospect


Monomer Purple (Мономер фиолетовый) 100 мл.

Мономер   Акриловая жидкость на основе этилметакрилата.  Не содержит метилметакрилата.....
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